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human development and compliance fusion.

Our project was born with the union of Yamile Zahoul -professional in human development, international lecturer, author of the book "Los Caminos del Éxito", certified by John Maxwell, Graduated in Business Mastery Academy of Anthony Robbins- and Alcanza Barristers -specialists in compliance, with more than 12 years of experience in implementing compliance systems in companies. By integrating compliance with the law with human development, a unique product is created whose benefits in companies and collaborators are palpable from the first months.

The employee notices that he is a vital part of the labor ecosystem and by feeling valued his attitude improves both in the personal aspect as well as and in the workplace, while the company obtains a better return on its most valuable capital: its human capital.

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A firm made up of compliance professionals who have designed compliance programs - under international standards such as ISO 37301: 2021 (formerly ISO  19600: 2014) -.

The firm shields companies from regulatory risks derived from standards, laws, protocols, and regulations issued by both national and international authorities. Used to follow international laws  more demanding, the firm has managed to implement compliance programs in companies with a global presence, established in Mexico.  Through compliance, companies obtain a clear and accurate direction on the way and times in which they will mitigate risks, and constant supervision carried out by professionals.

Alcanza Barristers
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