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obligatory nature of the nom-035-stps-2018

NOM-035-STPS-2018 is an obligation imposed by the authority, but it also represents an opportunity for companies to pay due attention to the psychological situation experienced by their employees and the best way to help them overcome their labor crises and provide them with tools. to also deal with that stress that comes from personal human relationships.

Avoiding a fine of 448 thousand pesos (current fine) is very gratifying, however it is much more satisfactory to see the development of the staff, the increase in the productivity of the company and a healthy work environment and continuous growth.


Continuous improvement and feedback are essential steps for the company but also for the human being. The permanence of the norm is mandatory and therefore must be followed, improved and the areas of greatest opportunity found.

Growth is a continuous process, so each year new activities are planned based on feedback from employees and the company, always taking care of compliance with the Standard.

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