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psychosocial risks' prevention

The compliance program based on the  ISO 45003: 2021 of Alcanza Wellness, has an holistic approach complying with the regulations from a strict sense, attending  the law rquirements and,  on the other hand,  contents, training and courses are designed to go beyond compliance, focusing on giving due attention to the employee from a human development perspective. This will result in reducing stress levels, facilitating communication in the workplace, increasing work productivity and generating a triple benefit: happier employees; a healthy and productive work environment and; compliance with the standard.

Personal development

Wellness programs have shown in countries such as the United States and Sweden an extremely positive effect on the work environment, increased productivity and lower staff turnover, resulting in less stressed, happier and more appreciative workers both in the personal aspect as well as  in the professional field. Our international experience in human development and stress management places us in the avant-garde in Mexico, providing an extremely valuable and enriching product for both: the employee and the company.


We care about your company so that your company does not worry. If your company operates in Mexico, we shield it meeting the requirements of NOM-035-STPS-2018 through due compliance and in this way generating the necessary evidence in the form and time required by the authority. Our compliance area has more than 12 years of experience in compliance systems, and it is that applied experience that gives you and your business peace of mind.

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